3 Must-To-Do Tips for College Freshmen

3 Must -To-Do Tips for College Freshmen are: 


Tip #1 – Be Focused, Right Now!
As a college freshman it’s normal to wrestle with a variety of mixed emotions like feeling homesick, lovesick, wanting to be socially accepted by your peers, and missing family back home.

Try not to allow your emotions to get you side-tracked because during this pivotal moment in your life, you don’t have time to be distracted.

During college you have no transition time.

Course assignments typically build upon each other. Therefore, you can’t wait until fall mid-term, end of semester finals or spring semester to start taking college seriously.

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Tip #2 – Be Intentional and Get Organized

Most people just let life happen to them.

You want to be intentional and take time to get organized.

Get organized by making sure that your academic schedule is best suited to your learning needs and interests.

Also, be strategic with your time and live a schedule life. This is done by scheduling important things you must do (i.e., classes, study time, working out, fun-time, eating, sleeping, etc.).

When you’re intentional with your life, you’re focused with your time. When you’re focused with your time you live a scheduled life.

You confidently know what you have to do, when you have to do it, and you take the time to get things done.


Tip #3 -Hang Around Winners

Best believe – whom you hang around will impact you! I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “if you lay with dogs; you’ll wake up with fleas’.

In other words, whom you spend quality time with, you’ll more than likely become.

Therefore, be intentional with picking your friends. You want to observe what they do and how they act towards themselves and others.

Make sure your friends are winners!

Find friends that are positive, emotionally healthy, supportive, and someone who will hold you accountable to do what’s right.


Avoid friends that aren’t doing the right thing.

Limit your associations with people who are full of drama, have a negative disposition, and those that value having a social life over books.

Don’t spend quality time with people who do illegal drugs, like to spend hours watching TV or playing video games or they don’t want to go to class.

By the way, if you discover that you have some of these negative characteristics, make a decision to have an attitude change then your very soon your behaviors will change.


In closing, if you want to succeed in college and life you must hang around winners,
be intentional with your time and remain focused!



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