3 Tips to Deal with Roommate Problems

Your living environment is critical to your peace of mind.

To help you have the best roommate experience, be proactive instead of reactive.

Here are 3 tips to deal with roommate problems:


Tip #1 – Establish roommate rules (when you don’t have a problem)

Have a discussion with your roommate and make a list of roommate guidelines, similar to a contract and sign it. Also, be open to add to the rules throughout the year.

Keep the guidelines in a location where you and your roommate have access to them.

Make sure within the guidelines there’s an understanding of how to respectfully communicate with each other.


Tip #2 – Schedule roommate meetings on a quarterly basis

Most people feel uncomfortable with confrontation. Therefore, intentionally schedule roommate meetings to discuss what’s working well and provide specific examples of actions that need to change.

Additionally, be mindful not to allow your emotions to lead the meeting. You want these meetings to be positive and productive to promote healthy resolutions.


Tip #3 – Allow time for change

Habits are hard to break and change takes time. Be mindful to allow transition time for you and your roommate to modify behaviors and actions.


To sensibly deal with roommate problems make sure to establish rules, schedule meetings and be patient with each other during change.

You want to make sure your surroundings are positive to be productive to get the rest you need.

When you’re proactive instead of reactive with your roommate, you create healthy boundaries to protect your living environment.


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