3 Tips to Find the Best PhD Program for You

To find the best PhD program you must consider what will work best for you!

Here are a few quick factors to consider.


  1. Find a PhD program structure that fits your lifestyle

Do you want to pursue your doctorate degree part-time or full-time?
What’s your preferred PhD program structure (i.e., Traditional, On-line or a Hybrid program)?

  • Traditional PhD Programs – Have a traditional format structure, where you exchange face-to-face time with faculty members by taking classes.


  • On-line PhD Programs – Are becoming more popular due to supporting working adults and persons with families. This structure allows more time flexibility to take classes and complete assignments at your convenience.


  • Hybrid PhD Programs – Consist of the combination of on-line and traditional structure programs. You’ll be responsible for face-to-face time (perhaps a weekend course) and on-line classes.


  1. Find a Relevant PhD Program

Invest time to do background research about your field of interest.

  • Determine in advance if there’s a shortage or too many PhD’s in your discipline. You want to ensure once you’ve graduated and achieved your doctorate that you’ll have relevant employment, research and consulting opportunities.


  1. Find Supportive Faculty Members

As you’re searching for the best PhD program fit, take the time to explore faculty profiles within your different programs of interests.

  • You want to find at least one faculty member that can be supportive of your PhD research interests.

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Make sure to consider these 3 tips as you’re searching for the best PhD program to fit.


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