3 Strategies to Be PhD Job Market Ready

Check Out These 3 Strategies to Be PhD Job Market Ready


Strategy #1 – Have Different Campus and Employment Related Experiences

During your PhD program be intentional to have a variety of experiences such as:

  • Teach undergraduate and graduate students
  • Conduct research with professors
  • Provide administrative support to faculty and students (i.e., coordinate conferences, facilitate workshops, etc.)
  • Demonstrate leadership by being involved in different student groups, campus committees and assume leadership roles


Strategy # 2 – Attend and Present at Local and National Conferences

Take the opportunity to attend and present at local and national professional conferences.

It’s beneficial because you’re positioned to network with gurus and practitioners in your field.

Also during conferences, job boards with university vacant positions are posted and informal and formal university job interviews occur.

Therefore, make sure to bring your polished CV, business cards and get ready to network!


Strategy #3 – Complete a Publication

Work with your dissertation advisor, a trusted faculty member or a fellow student to write an article or book chapter during your PhD program.

When you’ve completed a publication or have one in review, it positions you to be marketable when applying for university faculty positions.


Do These Activities During your PhD Program to be JoB Market Ready!


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