3 Time Management Tips to Finish Your Dissertation

To get your DISSERTATION DONE, do these 4 Time Saving Tips


Tip #1 – Keep the End in Mind First
Keep the end in mind first when you’re determining your dissertation topic.


Many students select a dissertation topic based upon their passion.
However, I want you to consider conducting a research study that’s DOABLE.


Therefore, strategically consider the following:

          ~What research methodology will you use?
          ~When, where, how and who will you collect data from?

          ~Is you research population/subjects accessible?
          ~Do you have access to data that’s already completed?

          ~Would you be able to partner with a faculty member? 


Before you make any permanent decisions, make sure to explore your ideas with your advisor.


Tip #2 – Modeling
During your PhD program, you may feel this unspoken pressure to try to create original research; don’t do that!

If you want to graduate more sooner than later, find a few dissertations that’s similar to your topic of interest.

Make sure to pay attention to the following:

         ~Read their work and examine how their dissertation is organized.
         ~Examine their theoretical concepts used.
         ~Review their research methodology and analysis design. 
         ~Review their recommendations for future research studies.

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Model (don’t copy) other dissertations to get your PhD done. 


Tip #3 – Create Concrete Goals
Determine the dates of when you want to defend your dissertation and graduate.

After you’ve determined those dates, begin to work backwards by creating and writing down concrete goals.


Make sure to do the following: 

          ~Indicate what you want to accomplish in a year.
          ~Take your year goals and break them down into monthly goals.
          ~Take your monthly goals and determine weekly goals. 
          ~Take your weekly goals and determine daily goals.


To complete your dissertation, take the time to create goals, work backwards and find dissertations. 

By seeing a vision of completed dissertations will serve as a source of motivation to GET IT DONE! 


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