PhD Application Checklist

If you’re contemplating applying to a PhD program, make sure to do the items on this checklist:

  1. Apply to 1 to 3 PhD programs
  2. Apply to PhD programs early
  3. Research faculty profiles and find similar research interests/specialties
  4. Contact the faculty member and interview them
  5. Contact the PhD Program Director and interview them
  6. Ask the PhD Program Director for 3 PhD students contact information and interview them
  7. Schedule a campus visit
  8. Sit in on a PhD class
  9. Get 3 to 5 strong letters of recommendations
  10. Within personal statement identify faculty research of interests
  11. Study and take the GRE if necessary
  12. Inquire and apply for university or department fellowships

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Don’t hesitate to pursue your PhD dream! 

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