Six Tips to Start Pursuing Your PhD

How long have you thought about pursuing a doctorate degree?
Are you too busy thinking about all the negative reasons why pursuing a PhD won’t work?
Are you wasting time and precious energy thinking about all the “What if’s”?

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Here are 6 Tips to Start Taking Action NOW:

1. Make a pro-con list to determine if a traditional, on-line or hybrid PhD program is best for you.
2. Write a list of five different topics and/or subject matters that interest you.
3. Based upon that list, determine two disciplines you’re passionate about.

4. Find 3 to 4 PhD programs you would be interested to attend.
5. Based on the programs you find, make sure to find faculty that match your area of interest.
6. Identify one professor from each university and contact them.

Pursue your PhD dream and don’t be afraid.


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