The Difference Between a PhD and Master’s

There’s a significant difference between a Master’s and a PhD.

A Master’s degree program will typically take 1 to 3 years to complete. This is contingent upon the program discipline, graduation requirements, and if you’re attending full-time or part-time.

The good thing about a Master’s program is that you’re not required to take any general education courses. You’re only taking classes specific to your discipline area.


Most people pursue a Master’s degree to:

          –  Gain more knowledge.
          –  Specialize in field of interest.
          –  Gain more knowledge.
          –  Specialize in a field of interest.
          –  Be competitive in the job market.
          –  Make more money.
          –  Delay entering into the world of work.
          –  Position yourself to be an expert in your industry
          –  Gain credentials to function as a supervisor or director.
          –  I believe the Master’s Degree is the best academic experience!


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Comparatively, a PhD is very different than a Master’s degree due to its purpose, programming structure and time commitment.

A PhD program will typically take 3 to 7 years (and sometimes more to complete). The PhD program time is different because you’re responsible to do more than attend classes. You’re required to create new knowledge by conducting research, writing and defending your dissertation.


The purpose of a PhD is to:

          –  Prepare you to be a researcher.
          –  Provide you with the tools to become a scholar.
          –  Contribute to literature within your field.
          –  Increase knowledge within your field of discipline.
          –  Position you to teach at a university.
          –  Position you to be an expert in your industry.

The Master’s or PhD degree is an amazing achievement that requires time commitment, social life sacrifice and great work ethic to finish. If you want to pursue any of these degrees. You can do it!

For more information, check out this short video.

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